Isaiah House : Happy Spaces Project 2017

Community Creche Makeover

by Michael and Viktorija

the Isaiah House, East Orange NJ, is a special place that offers refuge to those in need.  It is a shelter for those who need a place to live and also provides much needed meals to people in the neighborhood. It was our pleasure to be part of the “Happy Spaces Project” to bring new life to some of the rooms within this loving building.   Enjoy the photos below, and follow down the page to read more about the project, watch our “making of” video, before photos, and information on how you can help.

Volunteering to work on the Isaiah House is something that has been a source of incredible fulfillment for us.

When I, (Michael) first heard about the opportunity, I immediately jumped into action to reach out and offer our services in hopes of specifically working on the nursery/Community Creche.

Since we have had our beautiful daughter, Fae Luna, we have both had a profound connection to little ones, and a desire to apply our creativity to children’s rooms, creating things that spark a young imagination, or give a sense of peace and new energy to those who enter those rooms.

The “Happy Spaces Project” at the Isaiah House, in East Orange NJ, was exactly the kind of project that spoke to us both deeply.  It was our chance to share our talents to give these young children an outlet where their minds can run free, and at the same time, give the young mother’s in need, a space where they as well can relax and bond with their children in a place that is worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the outside city.

Behind the Scenes of the Makeover

Before Photos

If you would like to help the Isaiah House

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