Make Up For Ever: Wall Mural

AQUA XL Product Launch with Charli XCX

” For the MAKE UP FOR EVER event that launched our AQUA XL Eye Pencils to the Editorial community, we partnered with makeup artist Viktorija Bowers to ensure our PRO heritage would be infused in the event. We asked Viktorija, who is also an amazing painter, create a wall-sized mural for the festival-inspired launch that captures the vibrant, waterproof, energetic qualities of AQUA XL – AND create the painting using the AQUA XL Eye Pencils instead of paint.

The mural was 7 by 10 feet and took Viktorija 11 hours to complete. As a painter and makeup artist known for her beautiful and unique style, and one of our 30/30 artists who has known and loved MAKE UP FOR EVER throughout her career, Viktorija was the perfect artist to create this incredibly special visual, and we were all blown away by the life and care she put into this collaboration. We spoke with her in our NYC Pro Studio to find out more about how she created and executed her stunning masterpiece with AQUA XL Eye Pencils. ”   –  MAKE UP FOR EVER

” I poured my heart into it for so many reasons and one of them being that MAKE UP FOR EVER was always there for me. “

Behind the Scenes Film

by Cecile Delepiere