Maplewood Street Art Mural:

(Street Art Mural)  NEW!!  HAPPENING NOW!

When we heard there was a call for artists for a Street Art Mural Project in Maplewood NJ where we live, we were beyond excited to get more information about the upcoming project.

ONGOING PROJECT !! –  Follow the link to see the progress!

The Story-Tellers Project:

(Conceptual Photography, Multi-media Paintings)

Michael and Viktorija will be paying homage to many of the stories that have shaped their lives as well as share the stories of their own. This new project will fuse the traditional arts of watercolors, oils, and multimedia along with Fashion and Beauty photography in a collection of images that may one day evolve into a book, or perhaps a series of books..

Isaiah House: Happy Spaces Makeover:

(Interior Design Makeover, Wall Murals, Custom Watercolor Artwork)

When I, (Michael) first heard about the opportunity, I immediately jumped into action to reach out and offer our services in hopes of specifically working on the nursery/Community Creche.

Since we have had our beautiful daughter, Fae Luna, we have both had a profound connection to little ones, and a desire to apply our creativity to children’s rooms, creating things that spark a young imagination, or give a sense of peace and new energy to those who enter those rooms.

Make Up For Ever: Wall Mural:

(Wall Mural)

For the MAKE UP FOR EVER event that launched our AQUA XL Eye Pencils to the Editorial community, we partnered with makeup artist Viktorija Bowers to ensure our PRO heritage would be infused in the event. We asked Viktorija, who is also an amazing painter, create a wall-sized mural for the festival-inspired launch that captures the vibrant, waterproof, energetic qualities of AQUA XL – AND create the painting using the AQUA XL Eye Pencils instead of paint.