Over the centuries there have been many storytellers, and many stories have been told.  Some call them legends, some call them fairy tales, some people live by what they have read and heard, and some people decide to create their own stories to live by..

In this project, Michael and Viktorija  pay homage to many of the stories that have shaped their lives as well as share the stories of their own.  This project fuses the traditional arts of watercolors, oils, and multimedia along with Fashion and Beauty photography in a collection of images that may one day evolve into a book, or perhaps a series of books..


In addition, this project has become a larger collaboration for upcoming imagery between fellow artists that Michael and Viktorija have worked with in the past; costume and fashion designers,  models, and other publicly notable people that they have worked with on other projects will be participating in certain images, as we all have a Story of our own, and we are all story-tellers..





This image serves as a reminder to all of us about the important things that Earth Day stands for and it evokes thoughts from those who view it for it’s many implications about our actions today and how it affects the world and children of our future.

We as habitants of this planet are taking better care of our responsibilities to our home, but more can always be done, and more should be done to preserve the health of our Mother Earth..

Do we continue to make waves for positive change in the world, or do we allow our children to drown in the “Rising Tide”?



A young girl looks in the mirror.
She sees her life as she knows it,
she sees her future unknown,

she sees her joys and her pains..

She dreams of what will be and who she might become, and where the world might take her,

and promises to herself….

When I Grow Up…”



After time passes and one’s soul has endured the consuming effects of being numb, having been hurt or forgotten, and faded away… something or someone manages to move your senses and compels you to awakening.

That uncontrollable rush of blood that escapes from your heart,

a deep inspiration,


forgiveness or gentle hands of a lover…

..slowly thawing and waking up every part of you,

setting the butterflies free….