I Am Maplewood - Street Art Mural

for Maplewood NJ, Springfield Ave: Public Arts Initiative

The Making Of...

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I (Michael) wanted to pay homage to all the people that live here in the great town.  As residents who have only lived here for 2 years (at the time), we had already grown to know Maplewood, NJ as a place that is welcoming of all people, all shapes, sizes, colors, ethnic backgrounds, origins, religions, etc..  It already has this reputation, and this is one of the main things that drew us to it as we searched for a place to raise our child that would still allow us to have quick access to NYC, but also a place that celebrates the diversity that we were used to from living in Brooklyn and other parts of the boroughs.

All of our searches kept bringing us back to Maplewood, so we decided to make that move, and we could not be more happier to be here..  Though every city and town will have it blemishes, Maplewood prides itself on the equality that is inherent in it’s blood and history, and continues to actively seek to improve itself in those regards, as well as other social and community concerns..

This mural, “I am Maplewood” is a celebration of all that I have witnessed from our short time living here.  Thank you to all the residents of the great town.

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